Skills overview

Personality related Skills

  • Thorough programmer, with particular focus on documentation, logic and simplicity.
  • Ability to systematically solve problems and issues.
  • Specialized in streamlining and optimizing the process of developing customer solutions.
  • Service-minded interaction with customers.
  • Autodidact
  • Analytical mindset - anticipating impact of implementations further down the road.

General Skills

  • Able to talk to a broad range of people from all areas of a business, with the ability to explain highly technical things in a non-technical manner.
  • Code version control via git and Subversion (SVN).
  • Use of Photoshop/Illustrator, especially in programming related tasks.
  • Technical implementation of systems to adhere to the GDPR rules.

SAP Customer Data Cloud (Gigya)

  • Managing of a multi-brand/multi-experience environment based upon the same unified user account for both B2C and B2B.
  • Management of Consents and Newsletter signups within SAP CDC in conjunction with Emarsys.
  • Setup of Screensets and implementation of them in a frontend using JavaScript.
  • Implementation and usage of the REST APIs to build a full login/signup/newsletter experience without the usage of Screensets.
  • All aspects of Configuration related to SAP CDC incl. the B2B extension.

Web Development

  • PHP & JavaScript/TypeScript - Object Oriented & Procedurally structured.
  • Familiar with various patterns incl. Model-View-Controller (MVC).
  • Development of REST APIs incl. user-friendly backend for data manipulation. Used in conjunction with Headless Websites and Mobile Apps or Unity WebGL clients.
  • Usage of MySQL/MSSQL Databases.
  • Implementation of alternative storage/cache methods like redis/memcached.
  • Writing and automatic validation of code according to PSR Coding Standards.
  • Basic search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Development of responsive websites/apps with & without Bootstrap framework.
  • Usage of various frameworks to build web apps - Phalcon, Codeigniter & Zend Framework.
  • Wordpress aficionado - deep going knowledge, incl. custom developed plugins/frameworks
  • WooCommerce implementation and customization.
  • Basic knowledge in usage of various CMS's like Drupal and Joomla.
  • Usage of various JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and related plugins.
  • Usage Angular 4 to build simple JavaScript based apps/addons.
  • Styling with SCSS, SASS & CSS as well as setup/usage of Compass.
  • Minor experimentation with React.

Project Management

  • Management of small development teams.
  • Agile Development using Sprints & Scrum.
  • Utilization of tools such as Jira, FogBugz, Basecamp & Redmine

QA & Debugging

  • Methodical and thorough approach, considering edge-cases that usually get missed.
  • Considerations of UX and usability in a given flow.
  • Usually staying calm and composed, in order solve issues even when things with high impact are failing, and need debugging.

Server Infrastructure & IT Support

  • Managing all aspects of LAMP stacks (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).
  • Using Microsoft Azure to run and maintain auto-scaling web server enviroments.
  • Windows Server setup as well as configuration of Domain controllers, ActiveDirectory, DHCP & virtual servers.
  • Configuration of networks incl. configuration & security of switches/routers and access points.
  • The basics of Docker image generation and roll-out.
  • Bulk Roll-out's via images for user workstations.
  • Implementation of backup solutions.
  • Setup of a wide variety of peripherals.